Smart+ Waschbecken 50 Aufsatzmontage


The models of our smart+ series are an absolute highlight in terms of functionality, value and modular versatility. Value combined with lightness and a clear design language. the series smart+ washbasin series consists of three sizes and is suitable for wall-mounted and surface-mounted.

smart+ washbasin 50 wall-mounted

Smart+ Washbasin 50, wall-mounted

smart+ washbasin 50 countertop

Smart+ Washbasin 50, countertop

smart+ washbasin 60 wall mounted

Smart+ Washbasin 60, wall-mounted

smart+ washbasin 60 countertop

Smart+ Washbasin 60, countertop

smart+ washbasin 80 wall mounted

Smart+ Washbasin 80, wall-mounted

smart+ washbasin 80 countertop

Smart+ Washbasin 80, countertop

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