Culture Fit


This linear cube bathtub shows modern design in its purest way. With its ornate-less shape and perfectly finished edges it radiates meditative peace. Tapered sides offer optimal bathing comfort!

Technical data
Code Bath version: 0400-268
Code Spa version: 0200-268
Colour: White
Dimensions: 1800 x 800 x 600 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 34-59 kg maximum weight (depending on configuration)
Volume: 230 litres
Bath waste kit: Factory fitted Slot Overflow & Click-Clack waste in chrome finish, as standard.
Legs: Special frame system with adjustable legs, factory fitted.
Packaging: Solid carton box, max. 3 units per pallet
Tare: 10kg for each carton box
15 kg for one wooden pallet
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Culture Fit technical drawing

Upgrade Options for Culture Fit

So many options to customise your bath !

Overflow Options

click clack overflow

Click-Clack overflow

  • Integrated round, fixed overflow with Click-Clack system; Factory fitted Click-Clack waste kit with p-trap and flexible hose, chrome finish.
  • Optionally also available with pop-up waste kit.

Slot overflow

  • Integrated slot overflow with Click-Clack waste; Factory fitted Click-Clack waste kit with p-trap and flexible hose chrome finish.


Bath filler

  • Round overflow with integrated bath filler and click-clack waste.

Colour Options

White - Black - Cement - Clay - Anthracite - Red - Racing Green
available in matt and glossy finishes.

Mono-colour Glossy

Black Glossy

White Glossy

Mono-colour Mat

Black Mat

White Mat

Cement Mat

Upgrade to Aqua Spa®

1. Economic

  • 6 hydro nozzles
  • 0,55 kW pump
  • air dosage regulator
  • water level sensor
  • electronic control panel
  • waste/over flow system


1. De Luxe

  • 6 hydro nozzles
  • 2 nozzles in the feet level
  • 0,81 kW pump
  • air dosage regulator
  • water level sensor
  • electronic control panel
  • waste/over flow system


1. De Luxe Plus

  • 6 hydro nozzles
  • 2 nozzles in the feet level
  • 4 micro nozzles in the backside of the body level rotary nozzle for the lumbar massage
  • 0,81 kW pump
  • air dosage regulator
  • water level sensor
  • electronic control panel
  • waste/over ow system


1. Premium Plus

  • 6 hydro nozzles
  • 2 nozzles in the feet level
  • 4 micro nozzles in the backside of the body level rotary nozzle for the lumbar massage
  • 12 air nozzles
  • 0,75 kW pump
  • 7 kW compressor
  • electronic control panel
  • valve to protect the compressor from the watering
  • wave effect
  • waste/overflow system
  • water reflector
  • disinfection system
  • auto-cleaning capability



Aqua Spa® built-in

Features and Benefits

Our Aqua Spa® wellness system is capable to being integrated into plenty of our Aqua Plus® bathtub models. All electronic parts fulfil the demands of IPX5 protection rating standard. Knief & Co.’s Aqua Spa® collection is manufactured exclusively in Europe, fulfilling the highest quality requirements. We grant a 3 years warranty on all wellness system components. Aqua Spa® bathtubs are made of best Lucite® sanitary cast acrylic (compliant with EN 263) ful lling highest quality standards – same as Aqua Plus® bathtubs do.


The main principle of the Economic hydro massage is the turbulence, and the water flow it creates and effectively massages your body in the bath tub. The water is being injected under pressure trough 6 mini hydro nozzles located on the lateral bath tub walls. The electro pump reuses the water in the bath tub, and created the pressure in the process. The massage effect can be adjusted by injecting some air into the water trough the nozzles. This adjustments works on the principles of the “Venturi effect”, the reduction of fluid pressure when a fluid flows through a constricted section of a pipe. Simplicity and reliability are the main features of the Economic massage system, and it is a perfect fit for smaller bathtubs.

De Luxe

In its standard equipment, De Luxe hydro massage is equipped with 8 hydro nozzles. Each of these nozzles can be individually opened, closed and directed to suit your individual preferences the best. All of the nozzles are carefully positioned in the way to enable the massage effect to be maximized on every part of your body. De Luxe massage system is suitable for all regular and corner bathtubs. It can be upgraded to De Luxe plus massage system.

De Luxe Plus

De Luxe plus massage system contains the same equipment as De Luxe massage system, with the addition of 4 micro nozzles in the backside of the body level and one rotary nozzle intended for the lumbar massage.

Premium Plus

The world we live in has dramatically changed in the last few decades. The rhythm of life is much faster than before; most people live under constant pressure to be successful in the work place and at home. Consequently, people don’t have time for themselves as they used to have before. This lifestyle is taking a toll both on your body and soul. How many times did you come home, and wanted a moment just for yourself, to relax and recharge your batteries for the challenges that are yet to come? The perfect solution would be to go to the nature and do some sports and outdoor activity, but unfortunately you don’t always have time or place to do that. The good news ist hat you can have a perfect combination of all of that in your home with our valued Wellness solutions enabling you to recharge your energy making you fit for today’s challenges. Not only that you will in uence your mental health by using the massage systems, but your physical health will bene t significantly as well. It is proven that using a massage bath tub will help with: blood circulation and will help with leg swelling problems; is a powerful ally in the fight against cellulite (an eternal complaint, and a growing problem) – the combination with chromo therapy is particularly effective; helps the organism to release the harmful toxins from the body; lessens the joint pains. Sportsper- sons will particularly value the ability of massage systems to relax the body after an exercise; support and strengthen up the inner muscle ber layers and tissues; provide a support in healing of the sports injuries. If combined with chromo therapy and aroma therapy, the mas- sage system will be the most effective for your body, and will provide you with an unmatched experience right in the comfort of your home!

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