The traditional Victorian style metamorphosed into modernity.

Technical data
Code bath Version: 0100-278
colour: white (see more colours)
Dimensions: 1800 x 850 x 620 / 760 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 51 kg
Volume: 230 litres
Bath waste kit: Factory fitted Slot overflow & Click-Clack waste, colour chrome.
Packaging: Solid carton box, max. 3 units per pallet
Tare: 10kg for each carton box
15 kg for one wooden pallet
Documentation: Go to downloads
Relax technical drawing

Upgrade Options for Relax

So many options to customise your bath !

Overflow Options

Slot overflow

  • Integrated slot overflow with Click-Clack waste; Factory fitted Click-Clack waste kit with p-trap and flexible hose chrome finish.


Colour Options

Solid colour

Available in many colors of your choice, upon request.


Available in two colours of your choice, inside and outside.

Gold-Leaf Finish

Also available in our Gold-Leaf finish.

Silver-Leaf Finish

Also available in our silver-leaf finish.

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Relax Fit / Relax Fit Spa

A built in version of Relax is available with optional Spa upgrade.

Documentation & Downloads

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