раковина на туалетном столике

Технические характеристики
Материал: k|stone® твердая поверхность
Код Матовая отделка: 0600-013-01
Код глянцевой поверхности: 0600-013-02
цвет: Белый увидеть другие цвета
Размер: 53 x 35 x 15 см(Д x Ш x В)
Вес: 5кг
Слив-перелив: незапираемый сливной клапан с k|stone®  крышкой, установлено на заводе производителе.
Упаковка: Сплошной картон, не более 3 единиц на поддон
тара: 10 кг для каждой коробки. 15 кг для одного деревянного поддона
документация: Перейти к загрузке
дизайн: Peter Jamieson

K|Stone® colours & finishes

Knief & co.’s evolutionary composition of K|Stone® solid surface is a symbiosis of materials offering unique and endless combinations of design, material and colour. In addition to various color options, K|Stone® offers the choice between mat and glossy nishes. Thanks to its special formula the desired high gloss level can be achieved by special mechanical treatment and not by coating or painting!

standard colours

K|Stone® is available in five matt or glossy colours. top row, left to right.

  • white mat
  • white glossy
  • pearl grey
  • concrete
  • black

furniture interior colours

K|Stone® furniture is available in nine interior finishes. bottom row, left to right.

  • snow white
  • concrete grey
  • anthracite dark
  • nacre grey
  • warm grey
  • leather
  • brushed gold
  • cherry
  • wenge

any colour !

As well as the standard K|Stone® colours, we can supply all our K|Stone® collections in whichever ral colour you desire.

endless possibilities…

special finishes

Whether the purpose is an individual architecture project or the creation of a commercial range: The variety in form, design and colour is nearly endless. As well as these standard colours, the K|Stone® collection is avaliable in absolutely any RAL colour you desire, as well as gold or silver finishes.


Customized product development implements the core idea of evolution. We are your competent workbench! with our K|Stone® solid surface production, we will accomodate every request and special requirement to perfectly satisfy our customers.

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